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We started our company in August 2007 because we wanted to create a product where we knew the ingredients were pure, made with intention and care, and reflected a quality and freshness that we had not yet found in other products.

Out of our awareness and quest for increased vitality and a healthier lifestyle we came to realize that many of the personal care products we had been using for years were full of toxic chemicals and little nutrients. We were shocked to find out that the product lines we trusted and used did not disclose toxic chemicals found in their products and / or they made chemicals appear natural by saying it was derived from a natural source. As we began researching we found out that many of these chemicals were known carcinogens, xenoestrogens and contributed to infertility and birth defects. We were at a loss. We did not know whom to trust and were tired of trying to decipher ingredient labels of products in health food stores.

So we stopped using products. We tried using more simple products and even ones that seemed more natural yet they lacked a vitality that we craved. As we delved further in our studies of Chinese medicine and herbal formulations we created products for ourselves that were balanced, nourishing and effective. We are used to incorporating medicinal herbs into our daily lifestyle through cooking, teas and supplementation and we realized that we could infuse these medicinals into another aspect of our daily life – our skin care. We began consciously blending together traditions of the East and West using Chinese and western herbs, flower essences, gem elixirs and aromatherapy to create a HOLISTIC, HANDCRAFTED APOTHECARY.

We are meeting the demand and creating awareness as we go. We hope to educate and change the market while getting rid of the chemical burden in our bodies. Synthetic chemicals are not necessary for preserving products. We do not eat synthetic preservatives so why would we want them on our skin, the most effective delivery system in the body. Our daily skincare routine is a process that should be revitalizing and nourishing instead of creating a toxic overload.

We hope you enjoy Golden Path Alchemy’s products as much as we do!

Ashley Beckman Murray & Minka Robinson Stevens