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What makes Golden Path Alchemy unique?

  • We are the only company that synergistically combines gems, flower essences, therapeutic grade essential oils and Chinese and Western medicinals and botanicals bringing together both ancient and modern techniques to transform the skin. 
  • We formulate all of our skin care products in small batches. This ensures their quality and freshness. To maintain the integrity of our products we suggest you store some of them in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place. 
  • We have an organic garden in Montecito, California where we grow a portion of our raw materials for floral waters, tinctures and infusions of local herbs and flowers. 
  • We appreciate that the skin is the body’s largest organ and anything that you put on it you should be able to safely absorb. Since we consider all of our products “Food for the Skin” they are pure enough to eat, but we hope you’ll use them according to directions. 
  • We use the freshest, local, organic raw materials available and we indicate the use of certified organic materials in the ingredient list. We do not test our products on animals nor do we buy raw materials that are tested on animals. Our human volunteers give us feedback about the effects of our products on different skin types. 
  • We do not use any synthetic materials or chemical ingredients. No parabens, laurel sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals (mineral oil, paraffin, 1,4 dioxane just to name a few), pesticides, propylene glycols or any of their many derivatives. No irradiated herbs, GMO’s, soy, wheat, synthetic fragrance, urea, EDTA, artificial colors, alkoxylated amides (such as TEA, DEA, MEA and MIPA) mercury, placenta, lead acetate, hydroquinone, synthetic emollients (such as PEG compounds), synthetic alcohols, silicones, artificial colors or synthetic preservatives. Please see additional information on the dangers of the chemicals listed above. 
  • We use the highest therapeutic, organic or wild-crafted essential oils for their healing qualities and their exquisite, natural fragrance. We bottle our products in glass so that plastic does not leech into our products. Glass is also easier to recycle and has less impact on the environment. We buy from local organic farmers and small businesses when possible to reduce the use of unnecessary gas and shipping costs lessening our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 
  • We use green printing (100% recycled paper, 100% post-consumer waste and chlorine free paper) and recycle whenever possible. We recycle packaging supplies and paper products and reuse as much as possible. We also give the option of paper receipts but the default option is a paperless, environmentally friendly e-receipt. 
  • We do not use raw materials that strip the environment or are in danger of extinction even if they have coveted skin benefits. The shelf life of our products is a few months up to over a year in contrast to a grocery or department store where the average is about three years. This indicates the freshness and vitality within each bottle we produce and sell.